BioGold North America is part of the BioGold group of companies which focuses on providing services with maximum added value and protection to breeders and growers in the introduction and marketing of new protected varieties in North American Territory.

It is a known fact that the determining factor in the profitability of the horticultural sector, particularly in the case of citrus, is the establishment of new protected varieties of limited production that satisfy the needs of the market and maximize the value of the production resources.

The current legal framework of the protected varieties reintroduces the balance between the agricultural production and the market demand, allowing the maintenance of profitable farms.

BioGold North America, with the help of its international partners, offers exclusive varieties to North American growers and provides North American innovators and breeders with trusted and proven commercialization models.

The variety network brings together decades of experience in research and development and the best know-how related to research, assessment and selection of the best varieties for its marketing within a secure, legal framework in our environment.

BioGold North America provides growers, innovators and breeders with value-added services throughout the supply chain.