Biogold North America (BGNA) is a subsidiary of Biogold International (BGI). BGI is a variety management company, managing varieties on behalf of breeders, and making them available to commercial growers after testing and evaluation in various regions of the world. BGI and BGNA manage various fruit crops, but our main focus has been citrus.

Biogold offers value to both the developer of plant varieties as well as the commercial grower. For the owner of a new variety, we offer efficient, widespread roll out of plant varieties, and proper registration processes to protect their intellectual property and generate returns. For commercial growers, we offer new products that can give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and can provide a sustainable return.

Biogold North America is part of a worldwide network of companies and partnerships in seven regions of the world, namely Southern Africa (Citrogold), North America (BGNA), South America (BGSA), Europe/North Africa (BGEM) and Australia (Variety Access). We also have agency agreements in other parts of the world (China, India). This allows us to efficiently evaluate and commercialize varieties worldwide, providing growers greater access to exclusive varieties from around the globe.

Biogold North America’s ever-growing portfolio includes not only citrus varieties, but also avocadoes, mangoes, macadamia and other fruit types. The Biogold International group of companies is involved in the worldwide commercialization of citrus and sub-tropical fruits, nuts, and has also developed traceability systems to benefit growers